To capture the world

Sometimes, during a truly special moment in our lives, we wish we had a camera with us to capture the faint memories. And even though in today’s world each phone can do it for us, the quality of those pictures leaves much to be desired. If you want to print the photographs and hang them on the wall phone camera may be not enough to satisfy basic esthetic needs.

Take a lesson to take a picture

Not everyone is natural behind the camera. To take a good shot you need to be talented. That is not a myth. That’s the harsh truth. Some would for instance cut the head or the feet of the person on the picture without even noticing – these are the most common mistakes when it comes to framing. In order to learn the basics, it is always best to sign up for some workshops. They are easily available in every bigger city. If you prefer to stay at home – find yourself a decent online course. Of course, becoming a self-taught photographer would be the cheapest way, but will not work for everyone. It requires stamina and perseverance as well as the willingness to see the mistakes and wrong repetitive tendencies. You must develop this inner drive that will help you get through the hard times, when application of the new techniques will not work. Photography, just like any other field of art, needs time and dedication. Practice makes perfect.

The equipment

Contrary to common belief it is not the camera that should be blamed for a bad photograph. In fact, there are some successful artists who ran their Instagram profiles dedicated thoroughly to pictures taken with a phone camera only. This proves, that even though the technology can help, it will not do the job for us. It is our experience, practice and skills that count. Buying ultra-expensive and complicated device to learn photography can in fact make things worse. Not only do you need to remember the theory behind taking a good picture, but also discover hundreds of functions that the camera has to offer. As a result, all those buttons will scare you out. Got your smartphone with a camera? You’re good to go. Play with it. Practice framing. Use your imagination and creativity to experiment and see where it takes you. Once you figure the dependencies that good photography is based on and define your own style – you know what you need for the future. Choosing the right equipment won’t be a problem then. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Get some help

There are multiple photography groups and chats on the Internet where you can discuss the issues that bother you. Whether you need help, clarification or simply inspiration. You should definitely try scrolling through them. Do not be afraid to ask and look for solutions. There is no such a thing as a stupid question. Use the resources you have to learn as much as possible from others. Find the courage to upload your pics online and let other authors comment on them. It may be challenging to deal with the possible criticism, but it may also be the opportunity to develop and grow.